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Psychology & self-analysis

  • A great start: how to easy wake up in the morning being vigorous and positive

    How to start the morning in order to spend the whole day with a positive attitude? What tips to follow to learn how to wake up quickly and stay in a good mood all day? Let us try to find some working tips.

  • How to start meditating at home

    Meditation is a philosophy and technique, which together allow a person to achieve an internal balance between physical, emotional and mental states.

  • Secrets of the brain and human mind

    The study of the brain has existed since the days of ancient Rome. Scientists have always wanted to penetrate the mind and solve the unsolved mysteries of the human brain. But so far this organ of the human body is the main mystery. In this article we will share amazing facts about the human brain.

  • If it is scary to go on vacation. Tips on how to recover your strength and not think about work

    Paradox, but for many employees, vacation is not a pleasant pastime, but additional stress. Just before we leave, traditional deadlines fall on us, we face a lot of tasks and pack our bags at the last moment. Post-holiday stress also occurs - right after learning to enjoy the change of the situation, we rush into business again. And even the awareness of how much you have to catch up after going back to work can ruin your mood.

  • How to develop the brain and activate vitality? Scientists answer

    Experts from Japan believe that developing the brain with the help of an oral counting is the best way. In the course of such studies, the short-term memory is activated, which is responsible for the assimilation of information. The simplest way is to calculate quickly in the reverse order from one hundred to one. Could you do this from the first time? Complicate the task and count in three: 100, 97, 94 and so on.

  • How to spend a vacation with the benefit of the brain

    Vacation is good for the body. It has been scientifically proven that traveling helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and also increases overall life expectancy. How to make vacation useful not only for body but also for the brain?

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