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A great start: how to easy wake up in the morning being vigorous and positive

How to start the morning in order to spend the whole day with a positive attitude? What tips to follow to learn how to wake up quickly and stay in a good mood all day? Let us try to find some working tips.

Why cannot you wake up in the morning? Perhaps it is because of your day regimen. It is impossible to wake up being vigorous, if the body did not have enough sleep. The human brain is not a machine. It also needs rest. Therefore, if you do not have a daily regimen – it is time to fix it. And the weekend is not an exception.

Spend some time warming up

The brain begins to function fully, 2 hours after waking up. But do not spend this time in simple waiting. The brain is lazy, and it is scientifically proven. So after you started your morning: arrange a warm-up for it!

Wait a bit at the open window. This will help the brain understand that morning has come: natural light is very important for awakening. What is more, you saturate the body with oxygen.

How to wake up brain areas responsible for thinking?

Before you go to work, try to spend some time preparing breakfast, reading out loud, watering a plant or cleaning. This will wake up the brain much faster. Doing something with your hands activates the frontal lobes of the brain.

If you wake up every day in the morning shortly before leaving the house, take the subway or train without walking for ten minutes, and spend the whole working day at the computer, then try to wake up early and start the morning with a small “charge”. It is not necessary to make any training, just move more actively.

Go for a walk more often

A change of scenery, easy physical activity, fresh air: what could be better than walking? Just do not go the same route: you will be bored. Change them!

  • Compliance with the day regimen = stable brain function
  • The starting point is very important: try to get up at the same time every day.
  • The brain also needs a warm-up. Move and speak.


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