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Train your attention

  • How did Steve Jobs develop his brain?

    The great founder of the Apple company knew how to see what others could not see. How he trained his own brain and what techniques he used, we will tell in our article. Let us go inside Steve Jobs’ brain!

  • What is the uniqueness of the human brain? Is it really unique?

    This is the most complex organ in our body. It can be compared with the dispatcher office at the airport, where the mass of complex tasks for the normal functioning of the body is constantly being solved. The brain constantly receives signals that come from outside. But one of the most incredible functions of the brain is the ability to hope, creative thinking, the evolution of attitudes and tastes.

  • The development of attention concentration - effective exercises

    Listen to your emotions. What do you feel now? Calm? Relaxation? Voltage? Excitation?

    Our emotional state, like a pendulum, oscillates from side to side - from depression or apathy to a surge of the brightest feelings. Despite the fact that the oscillations of the pendulum take us in completely opposite directions, both of these provisions of the pendulum pose one great danger - a temporary loss of the ability to active concentration of attention.

  • Strong magnet and adjusted filter. Techniques for attention management

    Even now, psychologists argue about whether to consider the attention one of the cognitive processes? The doubts of scientists are justified - there is no just “attention” or “attentiveness” as it is. People do something carefully: read, listen, observe, notice the details. Attention only ensures that the person is focused on what is happening at the moment.

  • What to do if attention is lost

    Very often, a person misses important details, looking through information. Complicated information is sometimes so inaccessible to perception that a person wants to get away from it, to distract. Everything turns into a "dry" set of signs - the mind hardly catches a separate meaning.

  • The method of using cards for long-term memorizing of the Leitner system

    The new age of computer technology provides people with unlimited access to information. However, information resources become available not for each user. Some of the information is presented in foreign languages. And a person just needs to know one or two world languages ​​for work.

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