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What is the uniqueness of the human brain? Is it really unique?

This is the most complex organ in our body. It can be compared with the dispatcher office at the airport, where the mass of complex tasks for the normal functioning of the body is constantly being solved. The brain constantly receives signals that come from outside. But one of the most incredible functions of the brain is the ability to hope, creative thinking, the evolution of attitudes and tastes.

How much does the human brain weigh? On average, the weight is 1.4 kilograms.

The brain cortex is the largest part of brain, it is responsible for the process of human thinking. The brain stem acts as a regulator of the internal systems. For example, it helps the digestive, excretory, cardiovascular systems. The cerebellum is responsible for correct posture, muscle contraction, balance.

Plasticity is another function that makes the brain a truly unique organ. For example, if one part of the brain is damaged and deprived of the ability to perform its basic functions, then the other part can perform its functions.

Oxygen is very important for the complete work of the brain. If it stops coming at least for a short period of time, the cells will begin to die out.

The structure of our brain allows us to train it like muscles. This will help develop memory, thinking, absorb new knowledge better. You can choose reading, learning new languages ​​as the main training method, or you can have a look at one of the Wikium courses.



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