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Brain gymnastics

Human brain is a complex and unique organ. It is the brain that controls all the internal processes in the body and helps us interact with the outside world. It is responsible for decision-making, memory, attention, positive and negative emotions. That is why our level of efficiency depends greatly on the state of our brain.

Our brain begins to form in the womb. Its development finishes by the age of 25 - at this age we reach the maximum of our capabilities. Well, after that the period of extinction begins: at first, slow and imperceptible, but distinctly seen in old age. However, regardless of age, it is in our power to stimulate the brain to develop - it is necessary to devote some time to special training.

Here we have the same rules as in physical exercises. Without regular training, the brain loses its tones, and we become less effective: the concentration level decreases, the thinking speed decreases, memory deteriorates. Special exercises for the brain will help keep it fit and improve performance in many ways.

So, we found out that gymnastics for the brain is absolutely necessary for those who wish to follow the path of development and improvement. But what exercises to train the brain exist, and which of them are the most effective?

Brain gymnastics exercises

It is impossible to list all the exercises related to gymnastics for brain, simply because there are many different techniques. Generally speaking, any process in which we are forced to concentrate on the details, analyze information, draw conclusions can be considered as training. For those to whom this is not enough, there are special techniques for the development of basic brain functions, based on scientific methods. But not everyone can find and understand them on their own.

However, it is not necessary to spend hours and days in search of specific information, because all the necessary exercises for brain training are collected on the Wikium website, where experience and knowledge of specialists in the field of neuroscience have been combined to create optimal exercises for effective brain development.

Here you can find a collection of games that can be an excellent gymnastics for your brain - various exercises for the development of memory, thinking, concentration and not only.

Games are created not just for fun, with their help you are be able to briefly escape from the workflow, at the same time increasing your level of intelligence, efficiency and creativity.

Remember that training should be combined with the appropriate way of life. Gymnastics will give incomparably better results if the exercise is supported by the optimal daily routine, proper nutrition and the absence of excessive physical and mental pressure. A comfortable life without stress and shocks is the key to the well-being of the brain.

The training system offered by the website will allow you to preserve and increase your intellectual strength at any age.

Among the many effective exercises that you will find on, there are games that develop various cognitive functions. Let's have a look at some examples.

"Aquarium" - one of the exercises for attention. At first glance, the task should not cause a slightest difficulty. It is necessary with the help of arrows to indicate the direction in which the central fish moves in the shoal of its friends. Simple? But try it yourself. Fish make up different combinations, trying to confuse a player who has to concentrate in order to respond correctly and quickly.

“Simple Switches” is a thinking game. There are three figures of the same shape on the map. One is painted. You will need to memorize the map and decide if it matches the next image. The speed and correctness of the responses are taken into account. The results will be recorded, and with time you will be able to improve your record.

The game "Paired associations" helps to develop memory. You need to remember which items are on the cards, and then decide where the computer-specified picture is located. The level changes from easy to hard. But if an error occurs, the player comes back to the previous task.

Do gymnastics for your brain with Wikium and you will see the result very fast!

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