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Why does a gifted child have bad marks?

Children today are smarter than their peers of other generations. They learn to read at 3 years, and by the age of seven they can shoot and edit videos. Ten year old bloggers are  a common thing nowadays. But why the question of the school performance of such children is becoming increasingly important?

Excess information is one of the reasons. Today it is difficult to imagine that in order to obtain information, you need to make some effort. But there is a minus. An incredible amount of information - necessary and unnecessary, flows on the heads of children with terrible force. The brain is used to absorb it quickly and fluently. Because of this, the corresponding type of thinking is formed. The neural connections of the brain are reconfigured and the information does not stay in the brain for long. Therefore, answering the question what to do if the child studies badly, it is worth checking the information noise first. If the child does not put his phone aside the whole day, he often sits on the Internet, constantly watches TV - the result is not surprising.

Lack of attention is the main cause of poor academic performance. Absorbing information fluently, we do not reach the point, do not concentrate on it, and as a result, we assimilate superficially. This also manifests itself in everyday life - such children lose interest in things quickly and cannot stop on any hobby, since their resource of attention has already been exhausted.

That is why a child gets bad marks: his brain cannot do anything else. And we cannot blame him for this, we should blame the modern way of life.

So what should parents do?

Restricting access to gadgets is not enough. Pressure will meet protest. Therefore, it is worth gently reducing the child’s interaction with information, not strictly limiting, but trying to make him interested in something new.

And do not forget the three fundamentals of performance. These are sleeping, sensible load distribution and good nutrition.

Sleep restores the brain, and it is not a secret. The process of restoring the brain occurs in a state of deep sleep, while we see dreams. Schoolchildren with their study load should sleep at least 8 hours a day and go to bed no later than 11 pm.

Food also affects the brain. Of course, numerous vitamins are important, but the most important of them is omega-3, which can be found in fatty fish. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the diet so that the child receives the required amount of these nutrients.

Training. How does this affect the brain? Stronger than we think. Training the brain is especially important. You can read books - they contribute to strengthening concentration. You can try the courses that were developed by Wikium - they will help develop attention, process information better and help you remember what you read.


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