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Tips for teaching audiles

Students-audiles learn new things best when they actively listen. Audiles do not cope very well with writing notes and writing facts from textbooks. They prefer to incorporate information through audio or video clips, or through discussions of the topics. Despite the fact that they are not strong in writing notes, they are good at remembering new information just by listening to lectures.

Are you an audile?

Here are some of the main characteristics of audiles.

  1. May have an incredible memory for conversations that have occurred (or jokes).
  2. Memorize music or words perfectly.
  3. Love discussions, debates and conversations with other people.
  4. Love listening to music, and singing, whistling, humming with themselves.
  5. Prefer oral presentations to writing (although this is also strongly associated with confidence).
  6. Can read slowly
  7. May face difficulties in deciphering complex graphs, maps and charts.

Tips for teaching audiles

Audiles should use types of learning that include either listening to the information or repeating it out loud. We have prepared some tips and advice that you can use below.

Ask questions

All audiles should strive to ask questions during the lessons. Even simple questions can significantly increase the absorption of information. Thus, the teacher will transfer the idea into words or paraphrase what has already been said. Plus, it will force your child to be more actively involved into the lesson, and will show the teacher that they pay attention and listen.

Use a voice recorder

This can be an excellent way to go through the lesson without relying on a textbook or written information.

Also, audiles can try recording their notes to the recorder as soon as they were written. This will make them speak out loud all that they have passed at the lesson, which is extremely important for them, and will contribute to the storage of information in memory. They can also use these audio notes for later re-listening.

Watch the video

This is another great thing to help students in learning. The Khan Academy website is a great place. Currently, the site has more than 1,800 videos (all recorded by one very smart person with 4 higher educations, whom Bill Gates called his favorite teacher), mainly focused on mathematics and science.

And of course, YouTube, which contains a huge amount of video. Be careful - this is also the most misinforming resource in the world.

Use vocabulary associations

This can be an excellent learning method for memorizing facts and events. Audiles remember better if the facts are spoken out loud. In the near future we will publish a number of articles on mnemotechnics and their use for audiles.

Repeat out load

It is very useful for audiles to repeat the information out loud to themselves. And what can be better than just a repetition? Paraphrasing, or highlighting the main points of what they just learned and reproducing them to themselves!

Take part in discussions

Unfortunately, discussion groups at schools can be quite distracting. But you can speak with your child what they have learned during the day. If you do not understand this - it is even better! Teaching is the best way to learn!

Avoid audio distractions

Although we are all different, someone can study with music in the background. Audiles should avoid this, as they are highly susceptible to audio distractions.

Unfortunately, most people do not fit into only one category of learning style. What does it mean? It means that you should check different ways of learning and choose those that are more suitable for you.


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