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How to develop an associative memory in children and adults?

Memory has three components: association, repetition and imprinting. But is it always worth following this particular theory?

What are associations? They can be compared to marks that link already familiar information with the new one. The method of training associative memory is called mnemotechnics. It has been successfully used for more than a dozen years. After some time of learning, the skills of forming connections go to the unconscious level. In other words, the person uses the technique automatically. 

The associative theory of memory in psychology is associated with the work of Ebbinghaus. But the scientist’s view of the problem was incomplete. Later it was found out that not only impressions, but also semantic associations play a role in the process of memorizing.

How does it look in practice?

Read the text thoughtfully. Try to create vivid images in your mind as you read. Then, highlighting the main thing in the text, mark the main points with words. Using them, create a vivid, memorable story. Playing it in memory, you can remember the rest of the text. The first experience will be hard, however, regular training will help to remember large amounts of information, without making much effort.

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