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Does a person become smarter with age? Is every new generation smarter?

How to become smarter? Have people become smarter over time? Scientists from the UK have an answer to this question. They are sure that after each decade, a person becomes smarter. The average IQ is growing steadily.

The study was conducted by the employees of the Royal College of London. They studied more than two hundred thousand people. The experiment involved subjects from nearly 50 countries. The study lasted 64 years. Participants from different age groups and social groups took the Raven test. It is intended to assess the level of development of intelligence. Compared with the 50s of the 20th century, the average IQ level increased by as much as 20 points!

Despite the fact that testing for the level of intelligence is becoming more and more complicated, the results do not change. The phenomenon, according to which the indicators of the tested increase, even got its own name. It is called the Flynn Effect. 

Why does it happen? Have people become smarter? The researchers concluded that such results are associated with an increased level of education. Among other reasons - reducing the size of families, improving the quality of food, medical care and life expectancy.

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