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  • Why does a person need brain?

    Until the 90s of the last century, the dominant hypothesis was that the human brain developed in order to analyze incoming information and make certain decisions based on it.


  • Structural visual thinking: how to develop it?

    What is structural thinking? First of all, this is an approach that allows you to determine the pattern of events occurring with an individual. What is its advantage? Having developed structural thinking, a person quickly copes with difficulties and keeps the situation under control better. This can be useful in the professional sphere, finance, personal life, etc.

  • Deductive method of thinking: how to develop it?

    Legendary Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character. But over the years, his followers have been trying to learn his deductive method. How realistic is this? Are there existing ways to develop it?

  • Brain Behavior: How Does It Decide What Is Important?

    It is scientifically proven that a person cannot independently choose items that will attract his attention. This is an unconscious process. Can we influence the work of our brain and make decisions consciously?

  • How to outwit the brain and take care of the future?

    Our procrastination is not laziness and lack of self-control. This is the consequence of the characteristics of our brain. According to the research of scientists, the human brain is activated when the people were asked questions about themselves in the present. But it is curious that a reduced brain response was detected on questions about other people and about their own future. Does this mean that the brain does not care about our future?

  • 5 habits that will keep your brain young

    How to keep the brain young? This question worries many people. Observance of certain rituals will help preserve the youth of the brain and clarity of thinking. To do this, you need to add 5 good habits to your daily routine.

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