Train your way of thinking

  • Games for the development of strategic thinking

    What is operational thinking and how to develop it? If we consider that the result of knowledge is inference, then, ideally, all the information that enters the human brain is transformed into thought forms, whose role is to help him live in this world. However, the realization of reality is different for everyone and the way of life too.

  • How to make your brain work faster? Habits of mind curriculum

    How to make the brain fast and sharp? How to use your brain more effectively? Due to the discoveries in the field of neurobiology, the most powerful factors influencing the human brain activity have become well known. The impact of these factors in childhood has been studied in details. The researchers argue that the effectiveness of the brain of an adult person is predetermined, in particular:

  • Daily exercise to train the brain

    Brain training is aimed at stimulating neural processes and raising the tone, awakening inactive connections. Lessons accelerate the thinking process, organizes it. Changing the state of consciousness opens up potential ways to solve problems, memory improves. Cognitive and physical exercises (for kids, adults and elderly) increase blood supply to the blood vessels of the brain, saturating it with oxygen.

  • Amazing and incredible facts about the human’s brain

    Human mind is a mysterious thing. But the work of scientists does not stand still and every year, due to new researches, we learn the facts about the human brain and the features of its work. Here are some interesting facts about the human brain of a person that you could hardly guess.

  • The human brain, its features and capabilities — 8 tips on how to help your brain

    A bit of history: in 1941, in the village of Kisegach, Chelyabinsk region, on the shore of a quiet lake, a military hospital of restorative medicine was established. Fighters who were wounded in the head were brought here. Their wounds somehow affected and damaged the structure of the brain. There were simultaneously conducted research and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, each of whom became for the doctors another puzzle that required more and more new knowledge about the brain parts and functions.

  • Charge Up!

    Our brain is like a complex computer built into the body: it controls our every action. And from time to time it needs recharging. Here are some proven ways that will help you to be always ready for new discoveries. So how to charge your brain?


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