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  • Basics of Time Management

    Briefly about how to work like Winston Churchill. Or, at least, start doing a little bit more and dedicate more time to rest.

  • How to generate business ideas?

    Determining the strategy and timing, it is difficult to take the first step. It would seem that a lot of work has already been done. It remains only to motivate yourself to move on successfully.

  • Neuromarketing in action: how to penetrate and influence consumer consciousness

    What is neuromarketing? This is a mix of sales and psychology, which aims to ensure that the customer made the order. The consumer must be sure that he is not affected. What tools and technologies of neuromarketing are used by modern companies?

  • Group brainstorming techniques: application and rules

    Brainstorming allows you to give the maximum number of ideas for a single project. But this is the ideal situation. Basically, brainstorming is held on the initiative of one of the managers who, having decided to be creative, gathered a team for the meeting. As a result, one or two people give out a creative idea, introverts sit quietly, and someone just spends time.

  • The effect of jogging on the brain

    A well-known fact - running has a positive effect on the heart and muscles. But the fact that running affects the brain well is a statement that not everyone agrees with. However, we have evidences.

  • How to teach the brain to produce fresh ideas?

    What are the ways to generate business ideas? This is a very difficult question that concerns many people. It is scientifically proven that the brain retains the ability to change from birth to death. What is more, the discovery of something new stimulates neural centers that are responsible for pleasure.

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