Develop your creativity

  • Effective ways to generate good business ideas

    How to generate new ideas for your business? The ability to generate new ideas in our world is very important. Many people still believe that a talented person is talented from birth, but creative thinking can be developed. We will tell you how.

  • Multitasking: how to keep you brain functions?

    Is it difficult for you to do several things at once?

    We live in a golden era of multitasking. Thanks to technology: we can send emails during the road, send text messages to your beloved person, and play online games anywhere.

  • Creative thinking. The importance of imagination. Features, characteristics and activities.

    The very phrase "creative thinking" gives rise to associations connected with something mysterious and new. How can we define creative thinking? How to improve and develop creative thinking skills? This kind of mental activity is associated with a special brain function - imagination.

  • What is creativity and creative thinking? How to stimulate and encourage it?

    Creative activity requires creative and innovative thinking, a different view on what is happening around us. Creative people have the ability to create something new and amazing from what they see and hear. As long as we see one thing, they see something completely different. They say that the mythical figure, whose name is Muse, is responsible for this, but in fact are there any ways to improve creative thinking? Do we have any examples of creative thinking for dummies? Our articles on will tell you what to do to avoid typical problems, we will tell you about the main principles of creative thinking, some activities for adults and relevance of critical and creative thinking. You will be able to develop your thinking capability after reading our introduction into the topic of creative thinking.