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Develop your creativity

  • How to teach the brain to produce fresh ideas?

    What are the ways to generate business ideas? This is a very difficult question that concerns many people. It is scientifically proven that the brain retains the ability to change from birth to death. What is more, the discovery of something new stimulates neural centers that are responsible for pleasure.

  • SCRUM is a revolutionary method of project management

    What is the difference between agile and scrum? SCRUM - what is it? Initially, this concept was mentioned in Japan at the end of the 20th century. Japanese scientists in the report on the success of projects in the development of which small groups of people were involved, mentioned the term from rugby, which literally translates as "fight". The technique was clearly defined in 1993 in the book by programmer Jeff Sutherland.

  • Top 5 hobbies that will strengthen the brain

    Scientists and doctors recommend doing sports and following the proper diet in order to keep yourself in good physical shape, to preserve health and vitality for many years.

  • Definition of perception modality

    It is said that the very famous (and this is absolutely deserved) psychotherapist Virginia Satir, providing a consultation to the couple, in response to a client's complaint that her husband constantly puts his things everywhere and makes the mess in the house, and when she puts things in order, he is outraged that cannot find anything, turned to the husband of this woman with the following words:

  • Effective ways to generate good business ideas

    How to generate new ideas for your business? The ability to generate new ideas in our world is very important. Many people still believe that a talented person is talented from birth, but creative thinking can be developed. We will tell you how.

  • Multitasking: how to keep you brain functions?

    Is it difficult for you to do several things at once?

    We live in a golden era of multitasking. Thanks to technology: we can send emails during the road, send text messages to your beloved person, and play online games anywhere.

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