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Neuromarketing in action: how to penetrate and influence consumer consciousness

What is neuromarketing? This is a mix of sales and psychology, which aims to ensure that the customer made the order. The consumer must be sure that he is not affected. What tools and technologies of neuromarketing are used by modern companies?

Most people perceive visual information best. That is why the original image of a product or company that offers services is so important. Color, shape, presentation of information - everything that can cause emotions is very important.

Another neuromarketing trick is sound. In the malls rhythmic music is always played. It creates a festive and dynamic atmosphere.

Modern trends in neuromarketing use the sense of smell. For example, a large real estate agency used the aroma of freshly brewed coffee while showing apartments to the possible customers. It added comfort and was associated with home.

Another example of neuromarketing is taste. Yes, we cannot feel it through the monitor or the screen, but think how many times a day you come across an advertisement, where they describe in detail the taste of this or that product?

Touch. Craft paper is much nicer than rustling cellophane, isn't it? Natural cotton or linen is always better than electrified synthetics. See how the premium brands pay attention to packaging.

More examples? You are welcome! 

Efforts. If in order to buy a product, you need to make some effort (to come at night for sales, to wait in the line for a limited collection), then the buyer will get the impression that the product is really very valuable. 

Values. Family, status, appearance. Each ad involves a value issue to one degree or another.

Disadvantages and suggestions for solving them.

Brand awareness and brevity of slogan.

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