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Psychology & self-analysis

  • How to communicate with difficult people?

    How to communicate with difficult people? Why is it difficult for me to communicate with people? A question that requires complex research. However, perhaps the problem is not in you. A large category of people can be described as “difficult”. These can be your colleagues or relatives. Such people provoke conflicts, weave intrigues. How to communicate with difficult people?


  • The mechanism of fear: how to make our brain not be frightened

    How to make our brain not be frightened, to cease to be afraid constantly and to begin to live? The question is complicated. To give practical advice on how to stop being afraid, is it worthwhile to determine how fear arises?

  • Features of the structure of the brain: cortex, hemispheres. Briefly about science

    How are the cerebral hemispheres constructed and what are their functions? What is the feature of the structure of the human brain?


  • Modern methods of self-knowledge

    Using the methods of self-knowledge, we can realize who we are and what impact we can have on others. Openness, the development of empathy, successful and comfortable interaction with other people in the personal and professional sphere - in psychology all this is referred to as positive consequences of self-knowledge.

  • How does the brain feel time?

    Norwegian scientists have found brain cells that are responsible for determining the sense of time. They follow the order of events and play a decisive role in the memories of experienced events.

  • How does the mood change during the day? How does our mood influence our work?

    Morning peak, daily recession and new rise - this is a daily schedule of fluctuations that are repeated daily, regardless of the day of the week.

    The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is responsible for the biorhythms of the body. This tiny zone is located in the hypothalamus. The inner human cycle lasts longer than the revolution of the Earth around the sun. So, the cycles are synchronized not only focusing on sunlight, but also on social factors and biological signals.

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