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How to communicate with difficult people?

How to communicate with difficult people? Why is it difficult for me to communicate with people? A question that requires complex research. However, perhaps the problem is not in you. A large category of people can be described as “difficult”. These can be your colleagues or relatives. Such people provoke conflicts, weave intrigues. How to communicate with difficult people?


Keep distance

Negative people who love to complain and throw all the negative on another person, can be met everywhere. In his turn, the “vest” man is afraid that he will be regarded as insensitive, therefore he continues to plunge into this maelstrom of negative alien emotions again and again. What to do? You can try to clarify with the complainant: how is he going to solve the problem and is he going to do it? In most cases, the flow of complaints flowing at you will stop.


Do not be involved

The behavior of difficult people is complex and irrational. Do not get emotionally involved, keep your distance. Capture the bells of irrational behavior and keep away from such situations.


Set boundaries

Determine in advance when you can come to terms with the situation, and when - no. Be aware of your boundaries and start setting them. Stand your ground, and try to keep the boundaries, even if your opponent will try to break them.


Focus on problem solving

Your emotions are tied to exactly what you are focusing your attention on. If you focus on the problems - you can create all the conditions for stress. Instead, try focusing on actions, strategies. This will reduce stress.


Create your support system

Solving everything on your own is a heroic deed, but ineffective. Look for support in people with similar views. Ask to look at these or other things from people who are not so emotionally involved in a problem situation.


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