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How to develop memory and attention

Memory is the basic cognitive function of the human brain. Its work depends on the state of the brain, on heredity, environment and lifestyle. Memory is inseparable from attention – one more important mental process. If memory is the preservation of information, then attention is the selection of what is worthy of being captured. Memory and attention are determined genetically, but at the same time, you can do some exercises to develop a better memory.

In order to develop your memory and concentration faster, you can train on your own or you can use effective, simple tasks based on special techniques on the Wikium website.

There are several types of memory:

  • auditory;
  • visual;
  • motor.

If you think about how to develop memory skills and attention, you should first find out what kind of memorizing is closer to you. For example, you remember the information through listening very well, or your memory contains only the information that you managed to write down. Identify your strengths and use them.

Simple and effective ways to develop a good memory

Are there any simple guidelines on how to develop our memory power and attention? Of course, yes. For example, the website Wikium provides the greatest opportunities for self-improvement.

You can play at home, during the break at work (all games do not require considerable time and help to switch, to return to the working process with new power). Training games are based on the researches of professionals, and the tasks themselves are implemented in such a way that they cause positive emotions and a desire to return to them to improve the result.

What methods of memory development can be recommended for brain gymnastics, development of a perfect memory and attention?

The combination of several types of memory for the acquirement of some material

Experienced teachers for a reason advise to write cheat sheets before the exam in order to memorize text or formulas not only with the help of visual but also motor memory - this method increases the efficiency of memorizing and develops several cognitive functions.

Sort information

Let us recall the great Sherlock Holmes, who believed that a man’s head was like an attic, where all sorts of trash were dumped in mess. He, being a genius detective, had all the information as in the library or laboratory, sorted and laid out on the shelves. At the right moment, it is not difficult to "unfold" the information, extracting a complete piece from the depths of the brain if you have written the whole text or conversation, remembering the main parts, the most important events.

Search for answers

If you have to search for answers to any questions on your own, additional information, some justifications or sources - such information will be preserved in your memory for many years.

Associative flow

Mnemonic tricks allow you to memorize even completely spontaneous sets of numbers, not to mention random phone numbers. It all depends on what type of memorizing is the simplest for you. If you are a “visual”, then, while perceiving information with your ears, imagine that they tell it to you from the podium or show it on posters.

Attention training

To memorize any information, you also need the ability to concentrate, so you should develop both attention and short- and long-term memory. The simplest games like “Find Differences” help train your brain. Also, you will find training material anywhere — for example, calculate how many women with red bags you have met or how many cars you have seen. Ideally, if you are not alone, it is always interesting to compare the results.

How else can you develop cognitive functions, in particular, attention and retentive memory? Of course, the easiest way to do this is in the form of a game. There are a lot of games among the ways of the rapid development of various types of memory, as well as attention and thinking. The most effective ones are presented on the Wikium website. With their help you can develop a super power memory. On Wikium you specify your goals during the registration and get an individual training program, and you can also monitor the improvement of your results.

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