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Charge Up!

Our brain is like a complex computer built into the body: it controls our every action. And from time to time it needs recharging. Here are some proven ways that will help you to be always ready for new discoveries. So how to charge your brain?


Light early dinner

This is not only a guarantee of being fit, but also an additional recharge for the brain.

If you eat early - a few hours before bedtime, you can fall asleep easier, because, in this case, the body will not spend energy to digest food. A strong and healthy sleep is very important for the full operation of the brain.

Charge your brain with positive things: listen to music!

Listening to slow relaxed compositions, we enable the body to calm down and bring it into balance. As a bonus stress level and blood pressure decrease, pulse returns to normal.

Brain recharge and meditation

Daily practice will help reduce blood pressure, relieve tension and relax. After a session of meditation, thoughts are ordered, and the ability to perceive new information increases.

Spend more time with friends and family

This is the easiest answer to the question of how to recharge your brain. A sense of security, self-confidence and social support from close people mean a lot, not only for the emotional state, but also for the work of the organism as a whole. And, ultimately, it has a positive effect on the brain.


According to the recent studies, an hour and a half massage reduces stress, minimizes the level of cortisol in the blood, regulates insulin. The result - stress is relieved, the brain works better.


It is useful not only for the development of intelligence. Reading a book can relieve mental stress by 68%. Explaining such indicators is simple: with the book we plunge into the world described by the author, distract from irritating factors from the external environment, forget about routine problems and tasks.


Drawing, cross-stitching, modeling - anything that brings pleasure will distract you from everyday stresses and problems. While doing a hobby, you are distracted from the routine with its deadlines, stresses and problems. This allows the brain to get the necessary recharging.

Physical exercise

Doing sports, we get rid of procrastination. As a bonus - sport allows you to become more disciplined, learn to concentrate and be more resistant to stress.

More light!

Work under artificial dim light reduces attention, concentration, and ultimately, productivity. If you often have to work in such conditions - do not miss the opportunity to go outside. Spend more time going to work on foot, go to the lunch break for coffee, take a walk on a day off. It will allow to be sated with natural light.

Beware of multitasking

Performing several tasks simultaneously, we disperse attention. Such a regime impairs memory; you find it harder to divide matters into important and not important. As a rule, being in multitasking mode, you stress, which adversely affects the brain. Conclusion - plan your workday so that it does not have room for several tasks in one period of time.

Do not forget to pay attention to the brain

Like any organ, the brain requires care. To reload it and make it more efficient, choose your Wikium course. Daily training is the key to excellent productivity.


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