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Exercises for training and development of the brain and memory

Exercises for the head and brain will help develop neuroplasticity. What is more, they will help reduce stress. And no we are speaking not about math problems, but about physical activity.

Different types of exercise can develop different hemispheres of the brain.

Let us consider in more detail the types of loads that can be useful not only for strengthening the figure, but also the brain.

Functional movement

This is the movement as a whole. Researches of scientists prove that moving every day, a person helps his brain activation and strengthens blood vessels in comparison with rare sessions in gyms. The functional movement can be such as yoga, walking, cycling, morning jogging and others.


Scientists from Illinois determined that regular exercises and asana performance improved the memory of people. In addition, people who practiced yoga showed the best results regarding the ability to concentrate and analyze new information. Yes, it can be said that all physical exercises are effective for the brain, but what about the results that showed that the cognitive abilities of people practicing yoga improved more compared to the aerobic group?

Power training

Dumbbells, exercises with weights are perfect for the development of both hemispheres of the brain in adults. As a rule, such classes are short and intensive. This causes a slight short stress in the body. Studies have shown that regular weight training helps control your body better: it means, the signals that neurons send to the muscles become stronger. Strength training increases lymph circulation.

It should be noted that simple exercises with weights increase the content of endorphins in the blood, reduce fatigue and increase endurance.

Cardio training

This type of exercise is useful for adults and for children and for the elderly. They increase the flow of oxygen to the organs, including the brain. What is more, these exercises are good for the heart. Regular cardiovascular exercise increases the ability to recover faster from other loads, and you will concentrate better.


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