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How does the brain feel time?

Norwegian scientists have found brain cells that are responsible for determining the sense of time. They follow the order of events and play a decisive role in the memories of experienced events.

The area of ​​the brain in which these cells are located is situated next to the one that is responsible for the human perception of space. People used to live by the clock. Focusing on 24 hours a day, we plan our day. However, the brain itself perceives it differently. The so-called “neural clocks” are installed into it. And they are not counting the time by minutes and seconds, but by the amount of experience. Thus, we can say that the time unit for the brain is the sequence of events and experience

Can we assume that our feelings about time are correct? We all know that time on vacation flies faster, and the hours of tedious work stretch endlessly. Despite the fact that the area in which the neurons are located, which are responsible for the sense of time, is still in the process of being deciphered by scientists, one can make a careful assumption that this is indeed true.

According to the findings of the scientists, the feelings of time and space are encoded in the lateral entorhinal cortex. And it is the combinations located in it that can take on unique patterns. The zone is flexible, which means that by changing the type of activity and the experience gained, we can independently change our perception of time.

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