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Features of the structure of the brain: cortex, hemispheres. Briefly about science

How are the cerebral hemispheres constructed and what are their functions? What is the feature of the structure of the human brain?


In the process of evolution, the human brain has developed for a long time. Today there is a peculiarity in its structure: two distinct hemispheres. Scientists study them for more than one hundred years, but still part of the brain areas for scientists continues to be a mystery. However, their opinions agree on one thing: the fact that the human brain consists of two hemispheres is one of the necessary consequences of evolution. The fact is that the hemispheres perform various functions. For example, zones located on the left side of the cerebral hemisphere are more responsible for language and the formation of speech. In the right hemisphere there are zones that are responsible for the emotional state, and such functions as, for example, face recognition.


Why did it happen? Nature decided that separation of duties allows the brain to function more efficiently. What is more, this structure helps the brain to solve several different problems simultaneously.

For example, if at the moment one part of the brain is responsible for a certain function, the other one may be occupied by another. This allows you to work in multitasking mode, do several things at the same time.

It is also worth noting that the division of the brain into the right and left hemisphere allows a person to develop their cognitive functions better. So, some researches of scientists have proved that, by including two hemispheres of the brain simultaneously into work, a person develops his memory, attention and thinking at the same time. The brain begins to work more, function more actively, so, it forms a larger number of new synaptic connections, and strengthens the already created ones. 


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