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  • Mnemonics in practice

    The human brain uses only 10% of its abilities, the rest of the brain's potential remains untouched. A person, who has a good memory and who can memorize a huge amount of incoherent information, does not use any secrets to uncover the remaining 90% of brain abilities.

  • Basics of mnemonics

    The question of how to memorize faster and more worries people for a long time. Science has progressed significantly: psychologists have developed a system of techniques that help to increase the amount of knowledge stored in memory. This system is called mnemonics, and its main principle is to create a chain of associations and, thus, learn to “remember” information.

  • List of mnemonics. Why do mnemonics work? How to make mnemonics? How do mnemonics work?

    Very few people are able to memorize large amounts of information easily and quickly without preparation, so, we decided to describe some methods and ways of memorizing for you below. Well, what is mnemonics in psychology and why is it an effective tool for the development of memory? What examples do mnemonics give? A mnemonic is a system of techniques and methods for quick and easy memorizing of information.

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