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List of mnemonics. Why do mnemonics work? How to make mnemonics? How do mnemonics work?

Very few people are able to memorize large amounts of information easily and quickly without preparation, so, we decided to describe some methods and ways of memorizing for you below. Well, what is mnemonics in psychology and why is it an effective tool for the development of memory? What examples do mnemonics give? A mnemonic is a system of techniques and methods for quick and easy memorizing of information.

The first mentions of using mnemonics came to us from Ancient Greece. Speakers used it to memorize their speeches. During the Middle Ages, monks used techniques to memorize texts for worships. Now we have the most effective techniques that were used by scientists and philosophers of the Era of Enlightenment.

Mnemonics will work better, if your brain is prepared for work, that is why, along with the methods described below, you should practice doing exercises for memory, attention and thinking. Cognitive training for the brain can be done on

How to remember a large amount of information. Chain technique

To memorize, for example, a list of words you need to use one context for them. For example, take such words as: bath, helicopter, food, house, bed. To memorize them, it is enough to connect them in a story: In the bathroom, I got the idea to order a meal delivered by helicopter to my house, by the time I would be in bed.

How to remember the desired sequence. Cicero Method

The method of Cicero, bases on associations, and is a chain of supporting images. They are formed of familiar places or rooms.

For example, you move along the hall of your apartment, which has three doors to the rooms. You can use this memory to memorize the number of arguments that should be mentioned in the report.

There is another usage of this method, I like it more and I use it to memorize keywords in a report. Unlike the previous example, I don’t need to imagine anything, I move along the hour hand from the doorway along the walls of my room and use familiar interior objects to memorize information. For example, I have three historical characters on the couch, one of them put his hand on the table, where there is a book about the 20th century. Thus, I remember the period of existence of this historical person.

How to write a story quickly. Technique "Train"

This technique can be very useful if you need to talk about something for a long time, for example, during a public speech. With it, you can create images so quickly that you do not have to worry about the fact that you do not know what else to say or about your panicking face expression.

Now to the technique: Every new sentence you say should be tied to the last part of the previous one.

Let's have a look at the example: Now we are holding a seminar on the development of memory. The development of memory is a complex and time-consuming process that can take years of hard work – at least we are assured by those who are said to understand this. Understanding this on your own will take you an unimaginable amount of time. And time is an invaluable thing …

Of course, this technique still requires some training. First practice to write such sentences, and then come to oral speech.

How to remember the name of a new friend? The rule of the English Queen

The technique is very simple - during a conversation, you need to call your conversation partner by name three times. You can certainly do it more times, but this is enough to remember and make a pleasant impression on the conversations partner.

Memorizing foreign and difficult words

To memorize a foreign word, it is necessary to find it equivalent in the native language similar in sound.

For example chair (стул) the first thing that comes to mind is the attic (чердак), so we imagine the chair being in the attic.

If the techniques described above seem complicated to you, then you should think about the ability of your brain to make associations and the ability to be attentive to details. Of course, to keep such brain functions in a good shape, it is important to train it regularly. Think about the benefits of mnemonics, how useful it is and try at least elementary math mnemonics to check yourself.


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