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Train your speed reading

  • How does reading affect brain development?

    Our level of literacy depends on which books we read. This study has been proven by scientists and published in the Journal of Business Administration. And it is the list of reading materials that has a greater impact than learning the rules of grammar. 

  • Learning a language in 3 months is real. And we will prove it.

    Have you been learning languages ​​for a year, two, three, ten? And the lessons do not work and the valuable information that is given in the classroom simply does not stay in the head? Let us try to figure out why this is happening, and what to do with it.

  • Read 50 best books in 6 months – is it real? How to read top 50 books in a year?

    We have collected a few techniques from famous personalities that will suit everyone. So you can set aside half a year for books that are worth reading.

  • How to become a professional reader

    The average reading speed for an adult is about 100-200 words per minute, while 100% mastering of information is not always possible - we return to the text, reread the same lines over and over again and do not always remember the small details by the end of the work. The efficiency of reading is influenced by the level of such abilities as the ability to concentrate and hold your attention for a long time on one activity; the quality of operational, long-term, verbal-logical memory; field of peripheral vision, as well as the skill of building relationships of cause and effect.

  • When reading direct speech in the brain, areas of the auditory cortex are activated

    For many, it is not difficult to represent someone else's speech mentally - for example, an internal dialogue with someone. However, this phenomenon for a long time almost did not attract the attention of researchers, until a group of scientists from the University of Glasgow (Great Britain) decided to check whether it had any neurophysiology under it.

  • Basics of fast reading

    For many centuries, people received most of the information they needed through reading. Despite the centuries-long experience of the appearance of printed materials, the need in high speed reading appeared only in modern times.

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