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Read 50 best books in 6 months – is it real? How to read top 50 books in a year?

We have collected a few techniques from famous personalities that will suit everyone. So you can set aside half a year for books that are worth reading.

Bill Gates in one of his interviews said that he began to learn many new things from books, thanks to the application with audio books. Yes, many complain that when listening to an audiobook they get distracted, but the same thing can happen with the paper version. But you can listen to books at the wheel of a car, in transport, or in training.

Numerous distractions prevent focusing on listening. What to do? We need to try to increase the speed slightly. You know that readers in audiobooks pronounce phrases very slowly and very clearly. The brain begins to relax, because in order to assimilate the information it absolutely does not need to strain.

Increasing the speed will make the brain understand: in order to understand what it hears, you need to strain yourself. And there is no time left to think what color the 10 door on the right is painted and how many pigeons you met on the way. This allows you not to be distracted from the plot of the book and assimilate information better.

For which books is this technique not suitable?

1. Of course, for those where illustrations play an important role.

2. Boring books that you force yourself to read. Here, even a two-fold increase in speed will not save from boredom: the brain will fall asleep.

3. If this is professional literature, where it is simply necessary to take notes on the margins frequently.



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