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Exercises for brain development

What exercises will help in the development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain? Which of them can be called the best? There are many options: some will be more suitable for the development of the brain of children, some will be more like for adults. Here are some interesting exercises that will be interesting to everyone.

Visualization exercises

They develop creative thinking, creativity, improve memory. Find a quiet place where nothing will distract you. Relax. Choose a person whose image you will have to recover from memory. Remember the color of his eyes, clothes, hair color. Restore the smallest details, even the smell of perfume.

Mirror drawing

Try to start drawing shapes with your right and left hand. Achieve their maximum similarity. Start with the simplest - circles, squares, triangles. Gradually complicate the exercise.

Word order

In a random order, choose 3 words. They must be different. Using them, make up a short story. Feel free to fantasize. This brain exercise is based on the principles of mnemotechnics and it trains memory perfectly.


This is a set of exercises that help develop the brain. For example, change the usual route by which you go to work and select a new one. Walk around the room with your eyes closed. Use your left hand if you are right handed. Start learning something. Unusual actions activate the brain and involve its learning departments.



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