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The development of intelligence

Each person has their own specific abilities. Intelligence is determined not only by the abilities gained from the moment of birth. It is the result of learning and further development of thinking due to the analysis and synthesis of information received from outside.

Of course, imagination plays an important role. But still, there is a certain set of abstract objects in it. With increasing horizons, the development of imagination occurs, and memory training is carried out using various methods.

Intelligence and the ways of its development

We often ask ourselves the question: how to achieve the development of our intelligence?

You can develop intelligence through exercises. The main thing - it is necessary to conduct classes regularly.

The following are the ways to develop intelligence:

  • games and activities for the development of intelligence;
  • reading educational books;
  • recording and analysis of information;
  • ongoing training.

Let us have a closer look at each of the methods and read some additional information.

Mind games

In the course of any game a person develops certain abilities. Chess and backgammon games are an excellent tool for the brain training process, its concentration, attentiveness, and the ability to plan subsequent actions. Due to the constant thinking process, in addition to mental abilities, the ability to intuition develops. Also there are specialized online games for the development of intelligence.

Games to improve memory and attention, puzzle

Another effective method is games for the development of intelligence and spatial-logical thinking. The puzzle games include: assembling puzzles and Rubik's cube, solving a crossword, puzzles and riddles. Thus, we see that games on the development of intelligence in adults and children are very interesting and exciting.

Reading of books

This way of development is affordable and powerful. By reading informative books regularly and not taking a big break between reading, you do not allow the brain to relax, the learning process is constantly going on, and as a result, it constantly “grows”. 

Recording and analysis of information

The analysis of any information and various ideas should not be done verbally, but in a written way. Thus, information is better assimilated and information is memorized due to the activation of several brain regions simultaneously. In addition, the concentration of textual information significantly increases (3 times or more). The result is a deep synthesis of information with the subsequent adoption of the right decision.

Permanent training

To feed your intellect, you need to come up with a completely new occupation for yourself, which you have not previously engaged in. You should dedicate some time to this occupation, and it will have a positive effect on the brain activity.

There is also a positive correlation between IQ and human musical abilities. Start spending time learning music to further develop your abilities.


Rest is an important condition.

If a person has a lack of sleep, his body and brain cannot concentrate on anything, and therefore it is dispelled. According to the results of the research, scientists were able to establish that fatigue contributes to a repeated decrease in the level of IQ in humans. To activate mental abilities before important events, it is enough just to go to bed earlier and spend more time sleeping.

By changing the daily monotonous and automatic actions, we do not lead to brain tension, since it works “on autopilot” in such situations, the cognitive process is minimized. This suggests that you need to change your daily habits and behavior. Suppose that in order to activate brain activity and give a push to a new connection between brain neurons, try opening doors with eyes closed, move furniture from one place to another, and change your route from home to work and back.

Physical Education

Due to physical exercises in the human body, protein is formed (the neurophilic factor of the brain). It is the protein that is responsible for the development of neurons, which are the basis of intellectual abilities.

Physical culture will be useful not only for the brain, but also for the whole organism.

There are still many factors affecting the intelligence, and ways of its development. We only touched some of them. Definitely, it can be said: an active life position and a healthy lifestyle will help you both in developing your intelligence and in achieving your life goals.


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