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Good habits that improve memory

We have collected useful tips from the neurophysiologist John Arden, who is the head of the program of psychological health Training in Mental Health. The scientist offers top tips for improving memory.

Balanced diet

The body needs high-quality fuel for productive work. Complex carbohydrates, proteins, in combination with a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables help to produce the neurotransmitters necessary for neurochemical brain processes.


To improve memory, you first need to reduce the amount of stress. Spending insufficient time to sleep, a person loses the necessary concentration.

Pay attention to memory training

Speech and physical training, too. Improving the metabolism and activating the process of the cardiovascular system, we help the active work of the brain.

Stimulate thought processes

Not giving the brain a regular load, we become lazier and remember worse. Travel, participate in discussions, try to gain new skills and do not forget about reading popular science literature.

Develop attention

Try to concentrate more often. Pay special attention to each stage of the task, even if it increases the time it takes to complete it.


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