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What is creativity and creative thinking? How to stimulate and encourage it?

Creative activity requires creative and innovative thinking, a different view on what is happening around us. Creative people have the ability to create something new and amazing from what they see and hear. As long as we see one thing, they see something completely different. They say that the mythical figure, whose name is Muse, is responsible for this, but in fact are there any ways to improve creative thinking? Do we have any examples of creative thinking for dummies? Our articles on will tell you what to do to avoid typical problems, we will tell you about the main principles of creative thinking, some activities for adults and relevance of critical and creative thinking. You will be able to develop your thinking capability after reading our introduction into the topic of creative thinking.

What is responsible for the creative thinking? How can we describe creative thinking definition?

A process as thinking is responsible for creativity. And that is why: thinking is a complex cognitive process, which is necessary for solving various problems from everyday and professional life. Thinking begins to form at the very beginning of a person’s life, passing through the pre-conceptual and conceptual stages. During these stages different types of thinking begin to form. Thinking can be divided into: practical (visual active and visual); theoretical (conceptual, figurative).

And where is creative thinking?

According to J. Guilford, creative thinking has 4 features. First of all, it is innovative, creative approach always means out-of-the-box thinking and intellectual novelty. Secondly, it is semantically flexible, it means the ability to see familiar things from a new angle, to use everyday tools in a new way. Thirdly, it contains  figuratively-adaptive flexibility or the ability to change the perception of an object in order to see it new or to show a familiar object from a new side. Fourthly, it contains semantic spontaneous flexibility which is the ability to express new non-standard ideas in situations of uncertainty, where it seems nothing new can be invented.

From the information above we can conclude that the basis of creative thinking is a new look at familiar things. There are also some obstacles to the development of creative thinking. There are 4 of them: the tendency to conformism or the desire to be the same as everyone else; internal censorship which is the fear of expressing your idea and showing it to others for appreciation; rigidity which is a commitment to stereotypes and previously received ideas without the ability to recycle them. And finally, the last obstacle to creative thinking is the desire to find a solution immediately, but as practice shows the act of creativity requires a special kind of concentration and does not tolerate haste. Even the notorious brainstorming can sometimes take several hours to find a solution to one problem.

How can we improve creative thinking? What about creative thinking methods and tools?

To stimulate creative thinking you should perform a variety of exercises for adult and children, but first of all be open to new ideas and not be afraid to implement them.

Our project will help you unleash the creative potential of your brain, we will provide your with creative thinking training, creative thinking tools, techniques and strategies. And when you develop critical and creative thinking skills you will get a lot of ideas in your private and business life.

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