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How to keep brain synapses?

Is it possible to preserve and increase the number of synapses of the brain, and what should be done for this? The department of neuroscience at Queen’s University in Sweden seems to have found the answer to this question. There are several simple ways to increase the number of synapses in the brain and develop its abilities, regardless of age.

Let us start with the theory. In the brain there is a whole system of neurons - nerve cells connected by synapses. They are flexible: in other words, a synaptic connection can both appear and break. Different parts of the brain are responsible for different actions of a person. The departments that we use rarely gradually weaken. In other words, if we stop doing something and forget about it for a long time, the synaptic connection starts to break down. Monotony, which is repeated day after day, is bad for synaptic connections 

What to do in order to save the brain?

Communication. Develop your network of contacts, argue. Share your impressions. This involves multiple areas of the brain at the same time.

Intellectual games, simulators, courses. It increases the load on the brain which in everyday life is rarely affected.

 Hobby. Let it be radically different from the work you do most of the time.

Learn new skills. We know that learning is never too late. Riding a bike or scooter, new languages, dancing ... All this will help make the brain more flexible and increase the number of neural connections.


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