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Exercises to improve memory power

How to exercise brain to improve memory? Memory is one of the most important cognitive functions. Of course, good memory by itself will not guarantee your career success, but combined with the ability to concentrate, the ability to work on several tasks simultaneously, developed logic, abstract and creative thinking, this function will help you reach new goals.

The human brain is a delicate instrument, adaptable and responsive to external irritants and changes in external conditions. Its flexibility becomes the key to successful self-improvement. Memory, as well as attention and logic can be successfully trained with the help of special exercises.

There are some scientific methods based on which we created online games on the Wikium website and they make it possible to achieve a significant improvement of memory. However, you can train it using quite simple methods.

Develop both hemispheres of the brain and do brain and mental exercises to improve memory

One of the easiest exercises to improve memory is available to everyone. Sometimes try to comb your hair, stir the sugar in the cup, write short notes with your other hand (left, if you are right handed and right - if you are left handed). This allows you to activate the side of the brain that you usually do not use, which is very beneficial for memory and other cognitive functions.

Building alibis

For this exercise, you will need a little bit of imagination. Imagine that you are accused of some kind of crime that happened, for example, yesterday or the day before, or, let us say, last week. In order to justify yourself in front of the investigator, you will have to recall in detail what and when exactly you did on the specified day. For training, try to set a specific "crime scene" and imagine if you could appear there and find the criminal.

We march, do not get distracted

Do not underestimate the role of physical exercises to improve memory power and concentration. To activate some of the blocked areas of the brain, it is recommended to include a quick march on one place in the morning exercise, alternately touching the right knee with the left hand and vice versa.

Draw with your nose

Exercises to improve memory can be directed to both training and relaxation of the brain. For example, you can relieve stress and free your head for a new task by doing the following. Imagine that the tip of your nose is a brush. Try to draw a figure of eight in the air, imagining the phrase and color (choose the one that you like the most).

I love you

If you are often stuck in traffic jams, the next version of the memory exercises is for you. Look at the numbers of the cars and try to imagine that the letters are an abbreviation. Decipher it. ILY can be decoded as “I love you”, for example. Thus, not only memory is trained, but also attention, logic, quick thinking and the ability to concentrate.

Associative thinking

To improve your memory, you need to develop associative thinking. Memorize the sequence of numbers, pictures, objects, "giving" them some meanings understandable only for you. For example 125 - “with a candle the swan became an excellent student.” Thus, after several trainings, you will find out that you can easily keep phone numbers in your memory. Mnemonic techniques are individual, think what is easier for you to remember.

Take into account that you should not look for exercises designed to improve only memory (well they don’t exist actually). All cognitive functions should be developed as one set.

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