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Why and what for it is necessary to develop fine motor skills?

First of all, it is worth noting that the motility of the hands in general is directly related to speech development. This was proven by the research of scientists. According to their conclusions, thin movements of the fingers have a positive effect on the development of the child’s speech. However, this affects not only speech. Fine motor skills, regular exercises with it, can improve visual memory, coordination of movements and develop imagination. Speaking with generalized phrases develops the brain.

And, of course, we do not forget about the necessity of tying shoelaces, doing up the buttons, writing - things that are easy for an adult, but which are still hard for a small child.

First exercises for hands can be done with an eight-month-old baby. What are these exercises about? First of all, use different textures. It may be small pebbles, beads, cereals. Do not forget that such games can be played only under the close supervision of adults.

You can start with pictures of cereals. For example, draw on the surface a contour of the object. And help the child pour grain into it, thus forming a pattern. You can also give tweezers to the child and ask him to put the grains or beads from the table into a bottle with a narrow neck.

Do not forget about the plastic materials. Clay, plasticine, salty dough. Sculpting figures develops fine motor skills. Ask the child to make something to his taste - and he will develop not only motor skills, but also imagination.




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