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How to improve memory and concentration

How to improve your memory? How to improve attention and concentration? How to make the brain work more efficiently than usual? The good news: it is possible to make it real. Bad – you will have to do your best. We have prepared a number of tips on how to achieve better attention, development of thinking and memory, on how to improve memory and concentration and on how to improve brain function.

In the modern world, where any advert can be photographed, and any information can be quickly found on the Internet, we rely less and less on our memory. As a result, sometimes we cannot remember the name of a new acquaintance, and the loss of a notebook turns into a catastrophe, because we do not even remember the phone numbers of our relatives. Without constant training, memory deteriorates. Do you feel it? And along with the deterioration of memory, and our efficiency decreases. So how to improve memory power and skills? How to make your brain work more efficiently than usual? How to improve your memory for studying, exams and focus? The good news: it is possible to make it real. Bad – you will have to do your best. We have prepared a number of tips on how to achieve better attention, development of thinking and memory, how to improve memory and concentration and how to improve brain function.

Memory, attention, thinking are the main cognitive functions of the brain. Its development occurs through the creation of new neural connections or neurogenesis. This process, that looks like an explosion in the early childhood, slows down by 25 years. But, regardless of age, we can stimulate the creation of new neural connections, offering the brain to solve non-standard problems. So the answer to the question: how to improve our bad memory instantly - is simple. Regular exercises will help to keep your brain in good shape and will improve short- and long-term memory.

Ways and recommendations for the development and improvement of poor memory retention

To improve human memory power and brain function, oddly enough, you do not have to make a titanic effort. In this case, consistency and perseverance are important. Try to develop your abilities every day. Ways to improve your memory functions quickly and naturally can be fascinating and fun.

Change the setting more often. Give yourself new experiences. Do not forget that not only visual impressions are important, but also taste, smell, and tactile sensations. It will help to improve thinking and memory.

Pay attention to smells. The Indians had an interesting way to "preserve" memories. To improve memory and attention, try this method. Every important event needs to be compared with some smell. Later, opening a bottle with a cherished smell, you will clearly remember the reason why you saved it.

Pay attention to details. In the evening, not turning on the light, try to imagine the room in your memory. Try to include all the details, and then turn on the light and compare whether you remembered correctly. This will help you to improve attention span, learning capacity and memory.

Use game methods for development. How to improve your memory fast? How to improve attention span of a child and adult? Play online games on the Wikium website. Specially designed simulator games are based on scientific methods, development of memory, attention, thinking, which have proven to be effective in experiments.

Perform familiar actions not with your right hand, but with your left hand, if you are right handed, and vice versa, if you are left handed.  You need non-standard solutions to optimize the brain work and to improve your attention span.

Experiment with the clothes. You can ask yourself: How can I improve my attention to detail doing this? Some recommendations for the development of memory and thinking look not serious. For example, experts advise to change the style of clothing and wear different things more often. But it helps to get rid of patterns in thinking and it helps to improve short attention span.

Develop fine motor skills. To improve memory and attention it is also important to develop fine motor skills. Try not just to embroider or collect puzzles, but, for example, try to master Braille or to learn how to determine the denomination of coins without looking, just by touch. This will improve attention to detail.

Experiment with a daily route. Among the exercises designed to improve the brain and memory, there are very simple ones, such as changing the daily route. Try to find new paths on the way to work or to the store.

Use the association method. To improve attention, memory, and brain function, it is important to use the association method. Remembering a person, think about who or what you associates him with, how he can help you in the future. Find the motivation - get rid of bad memory on faces.

Use the "Roman room" method. Among the recommendations on how to improve memory and attention skills, the method of the Roman room is not the last. The idea is that you have information to remember in a mental copy of a well-known room. To remember something, you should mentally go around the room and get all the tips that will help you save the necessary information. This will help you improve short-term memory recall.

Learn foreign languages. One of the excellent means of self-improvement for many people is learning foreign languages. You use all kinds of memory and attention skills. You memorize words, write texts, examine images and pronounce exercises out loud. Great training, supported by motivation! The best for improving child’s attention!

Do not use hints. Try to remember phone numbers, PIN codes, passwords. At first it will be quite difficult, but do not give up, look carefully at the numbers and, looking away, try to reproduce them in memory, write down - use the best way for you to memorize. This exercise is great to improve both kids and adults attention.

Play the dice. Throw away three dices and almost immediately cover them with your hand and then try to remember how many points you have got. Complicate the task. Throw dice (or matches) and turn away almost immediately. Try to restore the location of the objects. Ideally, you need to take a second set of bones or the right number of matches and create a similar picture.

Show interest in life. It is known that a person is able to focus attention for a long time only on what is really important or interesting for him. Try to focus on some subject and make a logical chain of the associations that you have in connection with this thing. For example: the camera-manufacturer-price-model. After some time, you will be able to make up such chains for any objects, leaving in memory the most interesting “link” to you. So later at the right time it will be easy to restore the whole picture.

Try to do one of the exercises every day and do not forget to play online games on the Wikium website.

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