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How to increase your intellectual level

People who keep track of their weight or want to lose weight, as a rule, know a lot of different diets, and they probably often come across diets scheduled for the week. Such a diet offers a person a separate diet menu for each day of the week: from Monday to Sunday.

Why not use this principle of weekly training in order to increase your level of intelligence and not get bored of repetitive tasks? For each day of the week, you can choose your own way to develop intelligence. And try to do it, for example, like this.

Monday - open the window to science

Any psychophysiologist will confidently prove to you that Monday is a difficult day from the point of view of the psycho-physiological state of a person. Experimental scientists try not to make any measurements of the psycho-physiological activity of a person, because on Monday, as a rule, all processes are proceeding in slow motion. Therefore, on Monday, it makes sense to plan something that requires not productive activities, but rather something contemplative and absorbing.

Choose a scientific article for yourself as a reading at night. Let it be devoted to historical, astronomical, medical, philosophical, or some other subject. The main condition is that the article should be from a scientific field that would be completely opposite to the direction of your professional activity or your passion.

New challenges for the brain lead to the improvement of the level of intelligence. Reading and understanding of texts written in a special scientific language refers to this type of problem.

So Monday, while you read, let your brain train, mastering:

• a new question

• a new point of view,

• problem vision,

• new terms,

• unobvious causal relationships,

• interesting predictions.

Tuesday - note the time

Prepare some mental work for Tuesday. This may well be one of your professional tasks:

• preparation of a report or presentation,

• writing an article,

• translation of text from a foreign language,

• drawing up a report or, on the contrary, a work plan and program for the year,

• performing calculations for the project,

• problem analysis, solution search and justification

• etc.

Before you begin, consider and write down the minimum amount of time you will need at each stage of this mental work. For example, how much time you need for:

• carefully reading all the necessary papers and documents,

• getting additional necessary information,

• thinking about the content,

• generating solutions, comparing them with each other and choosing the best one,

• writing and arranging everything in proper form.

Set yourself the minimum possible time intervals. So that you would have to work at a fast and unusual pace for you.

Note the time to start work and proceed to its implementation. Try to adhere to the established time schedule.

Suсh an intense load on the brain in conditions of low stress will help raise the level of intelligence.

Wednesday - measure your IQ

Let us suppose that on Wednesday IQ tests will be the brain simulator. After all, they can be performed not only with the aim of measuring the level of your mental development and IQ, but also for the purposes of intellectual training.

But these tests are usually solved in a set time. Therefore, you first need to see how much time you have allocated for solving the proposed tasks. Then check the time and begin the test.

By the way, noting time, you thereby set yourself a certain goal for the future. Save a record indicating the time, so that next time you have the opportunity to compare old results with new ones and track your progress.

Thursday - be a vegetarian

This may seem strange, but today, instead of training the brain, it makes sense to clear it. To be more precise, clear your body. Neuroscientists have found out that moderate vegetarianism not only stimulates brain activity, but also accelerates mental processes.

When in the seventies in the USSR there were problems with meat products, they introduced the so-called “fish day”. In all canteens, cafes and even restaurants, on Thursday only fish dishes were offered, and meat was not cooked at all. So you can do the same and give up all meat dishes on Thursday.

You can enhance the effect by taking some useful supplements or maximally saturating your menu with products that are useful for the brain:

• fish and seafood,

• dark chocolate

• citrus fruits.

Friday - try on a new role

Investigating how to increase intelligence, psychologists pay attention to the fact that general intelligence develops in mental activity, and social intelligence - in social interaction.

An important condition for the development of social intelligence is the ability of a person to act in different social roles in the process of communication. Friday is a very good day for communication and social contacts. Choose any role that you have to "play" not as often as the others. And stay in it.

For example, let your child be your teacher, and you are his student. But everything should be “fair”: he teaches, and you learn.

Or, on the contrary, arrange a meeting with an old and sophisticated person. Ask him or her to tell you some life story from your past.

Following the story, try to imagine the whole plot in vivid images, and for this:

• ask for details,

• track the logic of the plot,

• “see” the participants of the story,

• “hear” their voices,

• understand the non-obvious, hidden meanings of this story.

In short, stay in the role of a writer who studies the past, history, life, folklore.

Having done such an entertaining exercise, you will not only “surprise” your brain with your new role, but also add new vision to your world of vision, looking at the world from another, unusual position.

Saturday - stay left-handed

... or, conversely, right-handed if you are left-handed.

Saturday is a day when you can allow yourself to do everything a little slower than on weekdays. So, choosing the answer to the question of how to raise the intellectual level, you can manage with something completely non-trivial. For example, try to do everything with your left.

Start right in the morning and, with your other hand:

• button up,

• brush your teeth,

• eat breakfast.

And then during the day, try to find work for the hand that usually is “out of work”.

Sunday - do computer workouts

And at the end of the weekly training, devote 40 minutes of Sunday time to doing mental exercises on one of the computer websites. For example, it could be the Wikium website.

If you like this “Week of brain training”, you can do it regularly, if not monthly, or at least once every three months.

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