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5 habits that will keep your brain young

How to keep the brain young? This question worries many people. Observance of certain rituals will help preserve the youth of the brain and clarity of thinking. To do this, you need to add 5 good habits to your daily routine.

Make a challenge

Learn languages, play chess, take a few lessons of playing the piano. Develop your brain. It is not necessary to achieve perfection, just get some new experience that will positively affect the neural connections of the brain. Choosing a pastime, do not force yourself. Consider your tastes and hobbies. After all, brain development should bring joy and satisfaction.

Social activity

Family, friends, colleagues. The more time you spend in the company of other people - the more benefit it bring to the brain. Social contacts develop thinking, widen your vocabulary and simply increase the mood. 


The food we eat feeds our brain too. Eat foods that help improve brain activity. Black currant. Blueberries, plums, red cabbage contain anthocyanin, which helps the body fight stress. Broccoli, cabbage, avocado and greens have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Raspberries, beets, tomatoes, pomegranates increase immunity and help keep the body in good shape.

Physical activity

It is necessary to move. When we do physical exercises, all our organs get more oxygen. The blood flow increases, the cardiovascular system is trained. Start with small things. Returning from work, do not take the bus to go 2 stops: walk this distance on foot. 

Reduce stress

Coloring, puzzles, knitting: all this will help to take a breather in the daily routine and relax a bit. It is proved that such quiet hobbies reduce the level of cortisol in the blood and lower the pressure.

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