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Why is it harder for us to concentrate in the summer?

Summer is coming. The days are getting longer and warmer, more and more thoughts about the upcoming vacation come to our mind. And the brighter the sun shines, the more difficult it becomes to concentrate. What to do when you still need to make some important reports before the holidays, and your thoughts are busy with something else? Let us try to figure it out.

Summer in the office

Make summer in the office! You can change the screen image on your desktop, bring a plant from home, or simply buy a mouse pad of a bright color. The more comfortable you will be at work - the easier it will be to concentrate.

Go out

Days when you did not want to leave the office because of the weather are over. During the lunch break, do not go down to the dining room in your own building, but go to the coffee shop in a couple of blocks. A change of atmosphere will have a positive effect on your mood, and a short walk will make you feel better.


Before asking how to concentrate on work and not be distracted, review your way of life outside it. Try morning jogging - it reboots the brain quite well and brings confidence.

Vacation in the summer is a must

If every day you say to yourself “I cannot concentrate on anything”, then maybe you really should go on vacation. If it is not possible to take full two weeks, change the situation for at least a couple of days and you will be surprised how many differences you will see.

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