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How to become a professional reader

The average reading speed for an adult is about 100-200 words per minute, while 100% mastering of information is not always possible - we return to the text, reread the same lines over and over again and do not always remember the small details by the end of the work. The efficiency of reading is influenced by the level of such abilities as the ability to concentrate and hold your attention for a long time on one activity; the quality of operational, long-term, verbal-logical memory; field of peripheral vision, as well as the skill of building relationships of cause and effect.

The same abilities, along with the use of special techniques, allow to increase the speed of reading. Speed ​​reading is a skill, for mastering which it is necessary to develop the techniques of developing attention and memory regularly and continuously, controlling articulation and expanding the field of vision. The methods used in the learning process also have a beneficial effect on the work of the brain: the speed of perception and processing of information increases.

Wikium has developed an online speed reading course designed for 21 days of intensive training. The course includes a theoretical part, explaining the mechanisms of speed reading and their relationship with the work of the brain. Specially designed simulators in combination with training for attention and memory develop the necessary skills. What is more, the course presents the practice of activating the brain and special exercises to warm up and relax the eyes.

The average speed reading is about 600 words per minute, i.e. 3 times faster than normal reading! With the use of speed reading techniques, mastering the usual volume of material will take three times less time, and you can always return to “classical” reading for immersion in fiction or poetry. This skill gives a great competitive advantage in today's rhythm of life. To have time to master the main thing in a huge information field, you must choose - business books, a program in literature or reading as a hobby for pleasure. Speed ​​reading will allow you to have time to read all the interesting information, further develop cognitive abilities, as well as:

• prepare for the event in 20 minutes in the subway

• pass exams successfully

• notice all the details in the contracts

• prepare for the presentation on the way

• read the parent library in the year.


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