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How to develop eidetic memory?

Eidetic memory is vivid memories and the ability to evoke them. It has nothing to do with mnemotechnics, where memorizing takes place at the expense of an associative line. Eidetic is a photographic figurative memory. Let us try to develop it?

 Scientists say that a person in childhood has a well-developed eidetic photographic memory. In the future, the brain changes: its areas, which are responsible for the process of verbal communication,   are actively developing. The ability to eidetic is lost, giving way to new skills. 

In adulthood, such abilities become uncommon. And the thing is like that. In the story there are several vivid examples of people who had an excellent photographic memory. For example, Kim Peek, whose image was the basis for the film “Rain Man,” read a page for 4-5 seconds and memorized almost 100% of what was read. Daniel Tammet was struck by the fact that literally a week after the start of the study he felt free to speak in a new language. Stephen Wiltshire could navigate in almost any unfamiliar city. The thing is that he had in mind several thousand maps of the city. 

However, there is another trait that unites all these people. Despite their phenomenal abilities, they often had low social skills.

If you do not take into account the phenomenal cases, is it possible to develop eidetic memory? Today they offer a lot of techniques - from logically sound to mystical. We have collected the most popular recommendations.

First of all, forget about stress. Regular increases of cortisol may ultimately have a bad effect on the hippocampus, which is responsible for storing information.

Keep the brain in good shape. Such things as crosswords, sudoku, chess, have not become outdated at all: they are still relevant.

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