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How does music affect memory, concentration and brain function in general?

A well-known fact: the exercise of the brain has a positive effect on the work of the brain. Regular brain training and proper nutrition have similar effects. But what about music?

Scientists have repeatedly conducted studies of the influence of music of certain genres on a person. But only Elizabeth Helmut Margulis, a famous American psychologist, said that listening to pleasant music on replay can improve memory and brain function, in general.

Everything is explained by the fact that listening to a good song on replay, our brain is not distracted by the composition and does not seek to understand the text: we already know this music well. Thus, making music a background, we create a favorable atmosphere for work and do not distract from work.

Regular listening to music increases productivity: a person concentrates on things better, his mood rises, and he starts working better and with pleasure.

What music to listen to improve brain performance? Any that you like. Here the choice is not limited to certain genres. 

Just try it. Put on replay a well-known album of a famous group. Do not make it too loud - adjust the sound level comfortable for you, which will not distract you from the main tasks.

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