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Popular ways to develop the hemispheres of the human brain

To develop the left or right hemisphere or both at once? Are the exercises for the development of thinking and memory in a child and an adult different and how to perform them correctly? We have compiled the most popular ways to develop and improve cognitive functions.


Yes, the brain needs rest. But regular loads are also necessary and useful for it. Try to load it with something besides regular work tasks. For example, if you have been dreaming of learning to play the guitar for a long time – it is time to start doing it. If you always wanted to learn to speak Italian - why not try a couple of lessons today?

Comfort zone

You cannot develop the brain at 100% without leaving the comfort zone. Here your brain has brought many tasks to automatism and it is constantly in a relaxed state. Get out of your comfort zone! What for? To feel strong and capable of doing much more!

Improve concentration

Do not think about which part of the brain is better to train. This organ starts to work better only if each part of it is actively involved. The ability to concentrate and not be distracted by extraneous stimuli is useful to everyone. Developing it, it will be easier to cope with work tasks, to make fewer mistakes.

The book is the best friend

Reading can improve brain function, and this is scientifically proven. Dedicate at least a few minutes a day to books. Give preference to classics or popular science fiction. Fiction is not equivalent in degree of utility. Try to read daily for at least 30 days and, after this period, you will notice positive changes.

Do nothing

Yes, the brain tension develops it perfectly, but the dosed load is very important here. Constant tension reduces productivity. And here it is very important to learn how to relax properly. Spend a few minutes a day on meditation, breathing practices, mindfulness.


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