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Concentration training

Concentration exercises for training the mind are the most important aspects of maintaining your intellect in good shape. Without concentration, a person cannot work effectively: he is distracted by everything, he is unable to prioritize correctly and, finally, just concentrate. That is why we need brain age concentration training.

The skill of concentration is useful for everybody: regardless of age and occupation. For schoolchildren - for better understanding of educational material, for office workers - to increase the efficiency of work, for the retired - to keep the mind clear longer.

There are many effective methods for concentration training, most of which are implemented in online games on the Wikium website. In the form of a game, any task is done faster and the results are better. You can compete with yourself or with other players, work for the result or just use the game to distract from the work process and relax with benefit. You can download some tasks and read some reviews to choose the best of them.

What is more, except online and 3Ds classes, you can train your concentration on your own.

The tips may seem simple to you, but believe me, training of memory, concentration of attention and thinking consists of many simple actions.

  • Pay attention to what is happening around. Remember Sherlock Holmes: notice the smallest details and try to make a complete picture. Look at passersby, fellow travelers in the subway. But still try not to embarrass them with your too stare.

  • Try to perform normal activities with maximum concentration of attention. Washing dishes, tying shoelaces, wiping dust – plunge into the process, think of the task as if it is something difficult and important.

  • Concentrate quickly. Try to look through the objects in the room or on the faces of the passengers in the bus. Do not get stuck on individual parts for more than 1-2 seconds. Then close your eyes, relax and try not only to remember what you saw, but also to make a brief analysis of the object or person.

  • Learn to focus. Look at some things until you feel that you have reached the maximum concentration, and then switch to another object.

  • Always try to notice the hidden - something that you did not see before. Try to look again at your way to work or school, at your room in the house, at your friends and acquaintances. Look for new details and be happy noticing what previously escaped from your eye.

  • Meditation is considered to be one of the most powerful tools of concentration. A person almost enters a trance, focusing on one thing, fully concentrating and detaching from the surrounding world. It is quite difficult to master the skills on your own, but you can attend yoga classes, for example, to master the skill that is useful in all spheres of live.

These tips will be useful for people from different countries, from Europe and the USA, everybody can try them.

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