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Modern methods of self-knowledge

Using the methods of self-knowledge, we can realize who we are and what impact we can have on others. Openness, the development of empathy, successful and comfortable interaction with other people in the personal and professional sphere - in psychology all this is referred to as positive consequences of self-knowledge.

What self-examination tools to use?

Try to have a diary

In it, note the decisions that you made during the day. Even the most insignificant. Specify motives. Fix your thoughts and feelings. Once a week, look through the diary and analyze the decision-making mechanism. What are the consequences? This will allow you to understand yourself better and identify repetitive behavioral scenarios. Having the information, you can gradually reprogram the brain to another reaction.

Look into the past

In your childhood, did you have something that you were better at than your peers? What skills did you get from parents, teachers, trainers? Remember your hobbies. This will allow you to analyze your strengths and, perhaps, to bring back a long-forgotten hobby.

 What about work?

Did you do something at work that you can be proud of? What kind of activity can be attributed to these successes? What skills are you best at? Perhaps the experience gained in the professional field, was useful to you in your personal life? Feel free to recall and write down all the positive results of your activity.

It is necessary to analyze and write down all the failures, hobbies, dislikes and anxieties. However, in a separate list you need to add things that bring pleasure. All the information that can be collected is better placed in a table or a chart.

Now you clearly see your main characteristics. 

Try to look at them impartially. You may want to improve or change something. Having a look at ourselves in this way, it is easier for us to see our strengths and weaknesses. And, therefore, make the first step towards changes.


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