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Deductive method of thinking: how to develop it?

Legendary Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character. But over the years, his followers have been trying to learn his deductive method. How realistic is this? Are there existing ways to develop it?

Arthur Conan Doyle successfully portrayed a character to whom emotions are alien. The deduction method requires only logic, and the emotional state will interfere with it.


Classics, novels, popular science works. Read slowly, thoughtfully. Mark the details, memorize the plots. After reading, analyze the book and compare it with other works you read. It will train your memory well. 

Attention to details

In everyday life, try to see not only the big picture of what is happening: pay attention to detail. For example, the peculiarities of your interlocutors mimicry, manner of dress, habits. Analyze the collected information.

Load the brain

Sudoku, crosswords - all this will help train your brain. Train your memory - learn poetry, prose. Write down the information and new achievements in your notes. The ability to systematize information perfectly develops deductive thinking.

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