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Learning a language in 3 months is real. And we will prove it.

Have you been learning languages ​​for a year, two, three, ten? And the lessons do not work and the valuable information that is given in the classroom simply does not stay in the head? Let us try to figure out why this is happening, and what to do with it.

A competently constructed language learning system is based on three main principles:

• Efficiency

• Understanding

• Effectiveness

Consider each item separately.


It is important to choose the right material. If the textbook is initially ineffective, then it does not matter how hard you learn the language. Even if you have a lot of practice and just a very good teacher, you cannot do it without a good textbook.


If the material is simply uninteresting, then a repetition of the past or additional classes with the aim of “chewing” the topic will be boredom and routine. To comply with this parameter, it is important to find a technique that will be interesting for you. Therefore, you should not blindly follow popular methods to learn a language. Choose the one that suits you. For example: if the business language is not interesting in general, how can you learn foreign words in this area?

A good example: you love to travel and take a textbook, which is based on information about other countries. You love to cook, and in the textbook there are a lot of practical exercises with translations of recipes of national cuisine.


Evaluate the method by which you are going to study and ask yourself: can I really learn a language in such a short time? In general, in order to understand a significant part of what is written or spoken, it is worth starting the study with the most popular words and phrases. For example, you can find the 100 most popular words in a particular language, then go to expressions, prepositions, etc. That means, create a base which you will rely on. Find the most popular words in the field that you will actively use. This will maximize the use of what has been learn, which means that it will be perfectly assimilated.

Encourage your language skills with the information you like. And do not let foreign textbooks scare you!



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