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The effect of jogging on the brain

A well-known fact - running has a positive effect on the heart and muscles. But the fact that running affects the brain well is a statement that not everyone agrees with. However, we have evidences.

Our feelings and consciousness are not some abstract things, but “products” of the brain. Concentration, pleasure, fear, love - it all depends on what chemical processes occur in the brain. We will tell you what processes take place in the brain, when a person is jogging, and how this affects the most important organ of our body.

We analyze information faster

Scientists conducted an experiment in which they studied the speed of response to flickering light. Participants in the experiment, who sat down in a chair after a half-hour run, noticed flashes longer. Researchers have noted they have an increased activity of the cerebral cortex. Curiously, the subjects could not demonstrate a similar effect after interval short runs with intense exercises.

Running improves attention

10 minutes of jogging every day helped participants of another experiment to pass the test with the best performance. After 7 weeks of regular training, the subjects oriented better in unfamiliar surroundings, they remembered the landmarks better.

Say goodbye to depression

In the brain, kinurenin is formed from an amino acid called tryptophan. Part of the amino acids is terminated in the hormones of joy and tranquility: melatonin and serotonin. The remaining amino acids of tryptophan are converted to kinurenin. If a person often plunges into a stressful state, then the amount of kinurenin begins to grow. Accordingly, the amount of serotonin converted begins to decrease. In its turn, kinurenin molecules can be transformed into a substance useful for the brain - kinurinic acid. But part of kinurenin is converted to neurotoxin. Long-term training contributes to the release of kinurenine-aminotransferase - a substance that converts kinurenin to kinurinic acid, which serves as a neuroprocessor.

Gives a feeling of euphoria

Two hours of marathon running begin to influence opioid receptors, which causes a feeling of euphoria. About half an hour of running can reduce anxiety and dull the pain. This was confirmed in 2008 by scientists from Germany, who conducted relevant studies.


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