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Memory development exercises

Are you not happy with your memory? Do you feel that you learn not as well as you would like to? There is no reason to be depressed: everyone can develop their memory through regular exercises.

Experiments show: the effect of training on game simulators of the Wikium website is noticeable after three months. In the individual training program, there are games that are necessary for the development of memory. Regular users of the website say that it becomes easier for them to concentrate, to keep the focus on important things, to remember faces and dates. But, in addition to gaming training aimed at improving cognitive functions, there are many techniques that can facilitate the memorizing of information. We will tell you about some of them.

Aivazovsky method

The exercise, which develops photographic memory, is based on the method of work and the peculiarities of perception of the great Russian artist. He could imagine a wave at a certain point of time and transfer it to the canvas, maintaining the sensation of movement. Look carefully at the object, landscape or person. Examine it for at least five minutes. After that, close your eyes and try to recreate what you saw. After opening your eyes, you can assess your own photographic memory.

Let’s remember the matches

It is the exercise for the development of memory, available to everyone. Throw five matches (or children's counting sticks) on the table or on any other surface. Take a close look at them, remembering the location, then turn away and with the help of the other five matches try to recreate the picture. Gradually, you can increase the number of matches and reduce the time of memorizing. You can play this game with friends.

Roman room

For this exercise, you will need to turn on your associative thinking. It is believed that the ancient Romans, making up a list of deals that they needed to do, imagined their homes, giving to bright and especially memorable objects some meanings that were supposed to remind them of specific tasks. An interesting mnemonic technique that guarantees not only the development of memory, but also the training of figurative thinking, logic, attention (are you sure that you can easily describe your own apartment?).

Learn poems

Teachers know that memorizing poems is a great exercise that develops memory. At the same time try to understand the meaning, to think about the sense of the words. Read the poem out loud, try writing it down on paper. If you chose a large masterpiece - make a plan for it, it will help you use the maximum of your cognitive functions.

Let’s put the "anchors"

This exercise is very similar to the method of the Roman room. If you need not to forget about something, do not rush to leave a note for yourself, put a “reminder” on your phone or draw a cross on your hand. Try to associate any action you regularly perform in the morning with this task. For example, you need not to forget the book. Imagine a book, your action and associate this image, for instance, with the turning on the light in the hall. Such exercises are very useful and will allow you to memorize everything you need without written or oral tips.

Exercises for the development of memory in combination with online games on the website Wikium will help you to develop your abilities and discover new professional and creative horizons.

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