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Myths about the work of the hemispheres of human brain

Today there are many myths about the work of the brain. Starting from the famous delusion that we use only a small part of it. Let us try to dispel a few more misconceptions.

If earlier it was believed that the larger the brain is, the smarter the person is, now this myth is a thing of the past. Tens of years of researches have shown that the weight of a person’s brain and its cognitive abilities have nothing in common.

Brain and alcohol

The statement that alcohol kills brain cells is incorrect. But this effect cannot be called useful. Alcohol creates problems in the interaction between neurons. In most cases, they are reversible, but the recovery process takes a long time.

100 billion cells. Or not?

According to updated data, the number of cells in the human brain is different. 86 billion. Yes, the figure is close to a hundred. But, for example, 14 billion is the number of cells in the monkey's brain. The difference is significant.

There are people of two types

The settled myth tells us that some people use the right hemisphere more often, others use the left one. Analysts and creative personalities: the eternal debate. In fact, everything is wrong. Only one thing is scientifically proven: areas located in different hemispheres of the brain are used to perform different tasks. The rest of the hypotheses today has no scientific evidence.

5 feelings or more?

Hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste. In fact, a person has much more feelings. For example, there is a feeling of pain, which is called nociception. There is also proprioception - a feeling that allows you to determine your position in space. There are also separate feelings of time, balance, etc.



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