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How to spend a vacation with the benefit of the brain

Vacation is good for the body. It has been scientifically proven that traveling helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and also increases overall life expectancy. How to make vacation useful not only for body but also for the brain?

1. Plan your vacation in advance

Planning of routes, searching for information about the place where you will have the vacation. All this brings positive emotions. You anticipate the upcoming journey, and therefore reduce the level of stress associated with the deadlines at work.

2. Choose something new

Favorite places are good. But it is worth choosing something new every year to visit. Getting acquainted with unusual locations and cultures, we develop our brain too. It has been scientifically proven that when new information is received in the brain, areas that are responsible for learning are activated.

3. Travel with friends

Meeting new people on the road is no less valuable, but it is better to spend holidays with someone who brings joy and arouses friendly emotions. It is proved that in this case it will be easier to recover energy during the journey.

4. Practice relaxing beforehand

A few weeks before the holidays try to start meditating and not thinking about anything. Before the holidays, you will more or less learn how to get distracted from everything and free your brain. Use this skill for several minutes every day. Thus you can reboot better and come back rested.

5. Impressions first

Try to remember the holidays. It can be an interesting excursion, a luxury hotel or something else. The brighter the impressions are, the more rested you will arrive.

6. Try something new

Alternate brain relaxation and training. Make a zip line ride, learn snorkeling or diving. This will not only give energy, but also improve your mood.

7. Put the phone and laptop away

This will bring you nothing but for additional stress on vacation. What is more, always monitoring incoming messages in work mail you can hardly plunge into vacation impressions.


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