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How to delete information from the brain? Several ways to clear your brain

The more often a neural link is activated, the stronger it becomes. So, the more times you repeat information learned - the better you remembered it.

However, the ability to learn depends not only on the emergence of neural connections. The mechanism of their destruction is not less important. Such a process was discovered relatively recently, and it is called synaptic pruning.

The mechanism of synaptic pruning

First, imagine that your brain is a greenhouse. Only instead of exotic flowers and rare fruits you grow new connections between neurons in it. Gardeners in your greenhouse — glia: special cells that, if necessary, can speed up signals between neurons. Another function of these cells is cleaning. Connections between neurons, which are used extremely rarely, are marked by a special protein. In the interaction of this protein and microglial cells, the connection between neurons is destroyed. Thus, the brain erases unnecessary information, in order to make room for a new one. 

One more time about sleeping

Surely you had a feeling that the head was about to blow up, and the brain was full of information. Most often, people note a similar state when they move to a new position, compile an important report, etc. During these dynamic periods, we do not sleep much, but we constantly receive new information. And, in a sense, our brain is really overfilled.

When information enters the brain, a new temporary relationships are built. The temporary connection should subsequently be replaced by a more efficient one. And this process occurs in a dream. Surely, many of us wake up later than usual with a clear head and good thoughts while on vacation or on a weekend. This is the result of the brain working on new connections. The same process will begin if you arrange small breaks for sleep for yourself, for example, for 10-15 minutes.

You can influence the safety of connections

Regularly used connections get everything you need to grow and strengthen. Therefore, by training them, you can control what remains in your head and what can be deleted. For example, if you think too much about the weather for the summer and do not pay any attention to work issues at all, it will be easy to guess which connections between neurons will be erased first. Therefore, it is important to control your thoughts and devote time to cognitive training in order to help your brain to blossom.


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