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Develop Intelligence: How to make the brain work faster and more effective?

How fast does the brain work? In the human brain there are more than 80 billion neurons. To function properly, the brain consumes two dozen percent of the energy that enters the body with food. Moreover, this amount of "fuel" is required not only for intensive work, but also in a quiet state. So how to make your brain work better and faster? We will talk about several ways to make the brain work faster and more efficiently.

Drink water! Coffee - do not count!

The morning with a cup of invigorating drink for many has become a perennial habit. But did you know that caffeine does not last long? In some time after the cheerfulness phase, the person again begins to feel apathy and fatigue. All stimulants work like that. Try to wake up, do not run to the coffee machine, and immediately drink a glass of water - this will bring a long charge of cheerfulness. In addition, water activates the work of the digestive organs, helps the body to wake up.

Activate the senses

For example, you can start with aromatherapy. If you need to concentrate and be attentive, you can add the aromas of thyme, basil, lemon or rosemary. Where? There are several options: aroma lamp, oils, hydrolates.


How to make the brain work faster? Find good old puzzles. Crosswords, sudoku - it helps to get away from a stressful situation, and in the future you will be able to concentrate better. Do you not want crosswords? Try our courses!

Do not stop learning!

Words about the fact that it is never too late to learn are especially relevant in the age of the Internet and TV. If you do not train the brain, then the sharpness of perception and the speed of decision making will invariably decrease. Try driving a car to work without using a navigator, try out a new recipe, start learning languages, learn a new musical instrument. The brain will thank you!


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