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How to teach a child to count quickly in the mind?

What parent does not want his child to grow up smart? But children have some difficulties with their interest in learning. It is important to catch the moment to avoid this. Children become interest in counting from a very early age.

To save it, you can come up with a math game that will attract the child.

To understand the basics of mathematics, you need to learn how to count.

Start with the basics of ordinal counting. For example, with ordinary household affairs. Try to teach your child to count in the mind when you feed him, go up the stairs, button up. One, two, three ...

Here it is important to let the child understand that multiple objects are different from one. That there are such things as “a lot” and “little”. That amount of any subject can be related to a specific figure. First learn single digits, and then smoothly go to two digits.

Such exercises can begin from 3-4 years. They must be of game character. Otherwise, the child will have unpleasant associations with the counting, and he will skip the lessons of mathematics. Starting doing counting tasks, try to find with the child several ways to solve. This will help make his mind flexible and make more objective decisions in the future.

Some experts propose to exclude counting sticks from the learning process, because it reduces the mathematical ability of the child. Try initially to teach the child to count in the mind.

What techniques to apply?

  • Cards. The number with the amount of painted objects. This will allow you to remember the numbers better.
  • Score. Create currency, price tags. Surely the kid will be interested in this game.
  • Plasticine. Make 4 paws for a dog, for a flower - 12 petals, etc.



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