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How to develop the speed of thinking

The speed of thinking is changeable depending on the individual characteristics of a person. Is it possible to develop it? What do you need to do? Do you know anything about the stages of critical thinking development? If you want to know, read about it in our article.

The speed of thinking is changeable depending on the individual characteristics of a person. Someone grasps everything in a single flash and someone needs time to understand the information and come to appropriate conclusions. Is it possible to improve performance and develop the speed of thinking? Yes! The flexibility of the brain, its ability to adapt to new conditions, to develop and to improve can help solve various problems faster. However, speed is a complex concept. What determines the speed of the result? Memory (perhaps you will recall a similar example and its solution), logic, ability to concentrate, attention to detail, original thinking, a creative approach. So, if you face the question “How to develop the speed of thinking?” we can give some practical advice.

The speed of thinking is different for everyone and it is not always realistic to compete with someone who copes with a task that takes you a long time quickly and easily. But it is quite realistic to increase the speed of your thinking. If you are interested in the development of thinking and specific cognitive functions, the result will not take long. Classes in the form of online games on the Wikium website are extremely effective as a part of an individual training program, but it will also be great if you use some additional methods of development of thinking.

1) Follow the daily routine. No matter how trite it is, but proper nutrition, a reasonable daily routine, a healthy lifestyle have a direct impact on the speed with which we solve various tasks. A person with the symptoms of chronic fatigue will not be able to demonstrate all the possibilities of his thinking.

2) Grimace in front of a mirror. Oddly enough, the speed of thinking slows down the “cold” face. That is why it is better to do exercises in the morning, demonstrating various grimaces to the mirror. Try to keep a friendly expression and smile on your face throughout the day. It is proved that even when you are in a bad mood a smile which at first does not reflect the internal state helps to reach a positive mood, which in its turn contributes to the development of thinking. Also a head massage that restores the blood supply to the brain is very useful.

3) Develop fine motor skills. It is known that the development of fine motor skills is directly related to the development of the brain. Kids who develop these skills learn to speak, read and write more quickly. Find a hobby: embroidery, bead weaving, making some models.

4) Remember the algorithms, look for the system. A completely new task very often turns out to be very similar to the one that you had to deal with in the past. If you still have the solution algorithm in your head, then the new problem will not cause any troubles. As a rule happy owners of good memory and the ability to draw analogies that can apply existing experience to new conditions acquire a reputation as people who can “think fast”.

5) Increase your internal pace. Try to control the tempo rhythm of your internal “motor”, try not to allow yourself to stop and “freeze”.

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